How is ClariVein® used to treat varicose veins?

ClariVein® is a special catheter with a rotating tip. It is two to three times thinner than the current devices used in radio frequency and laser treatments.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Ultrasound visualizes the vein to be treated.
  • After a local anesthetic is applied, the special ClariVein® catheter is inserted through a tiny entry point and threaded along the length of the vein to be treated.
  • No anesthetic (tumescent anesthesia) is required along the length of the vein.
  • The rotating tip of the ClariVein® catheter is set in motion. the tip scrapes the inner lining of the vein as the catheter is withdrawn, leading to closing and disappearance (ablation) of the vein.
  • During the catheter withdrawal, a detergent solution is sprayed from the tip to enhance the ablation process.
  • The leg is wrapped in a compression bandage following the procedure.
  • Normal activities can be resumed immediately after the procedure.
  • There may be minor soreness and bruising, which can be treated with over-the-counter non-aspirin pain relievers as needed.